Vineyard House


Refurbishment of an existing RC framed building


Vineyard House is located in Hammersmith, West London and was built in the early 1960's. It forms a seven storey reinforced concrete framed building, including a basement, and was constructed using a proprietary form of reinforced concrete floor construction by Truscon Limited.

Tully De’Ath were recently involved in a refurbishment of the building to create new office accommodation for a leading media company. The works included the creation of a new double-height internal atrium space extending up from basement level and localised alterations to modify the existing structure to suit the proposed office layouts. The atrium also housed a bespoke stand-alone mezzanine structure.

Tully De'Ath carried out a structural engineering appraisal of the existing building and managed specialist concrete investigations to develop a better understanding of the condition of the concrete structure. Detailed opening up and ground investigation works were also carried out to assist with the design of the structural alterations so that cost effective solutions could be created.

'The project involves the planned refurbishment of the existing RC framed building which consists of 6 Storeys and a Basement.'

Throughout the design, Tully De’Ath were conscious that one of the key issues with refurbishment works is the risk of having to deal with surprises in the structure as it is opened up during construction.Such issues can impact significantly on costs and programme.We made sure the initial investigations were sufficiently thorough so that the design and associated cost plan were robust.

A process was also agreed with the Contractor for outstanding areas of the structure to be opened up early in the building contract so that any variations to the proposed alterations could be addressed and agreed early.

The proprietary ‘Truscon’ floor structure has a limited imposed loading which raises a number of limitations on how it can be used for office accommodation.  As a separate exercise, Tully De’Ath have advised on these loading issues to assist in how the floors can be successfully used without the need for intrusive strengthening works.  This involved detailed discussions with the office manager to understand how the office functions and developing carefully considered solutions to match the aspirations of the office, whilst respecting the constraints of the existing structure.

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Intermediate Media Company


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