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Based in the heart of the Stockwell Park Estate, Tyler House is a 48 unit, four storey, 1960s load bearing masonry building.

As part of a major regeneration programme of the estate, Tyler House is to be extensively refurbished and have an additional storey constructed across its full footprint to provide a further 13 units. Two new lift cores will also be provided for access, not only to the new top floor, but also to improve access to the existing lower floors. The refurbishment works include extensions to ground floor units, complete over cladding and re-glazing to improve the thermal performance of the building, new kitchens and new boosted water supply.

Tully De’Ath has provided pre-planning and pre-tender support for Network Homes.

"Through a careful selection of materials the additional loading to the building was kept to a minimum."

From the outset, it was highlighted that an intrusive structural investigation would be required to establish the existing building’s form of construction and condition to ensure it was suitable to receive an additional storey. Tully De’Ath set out the scope, procured and over saw this investigation. From the results, back analysis could be carried out to prove the building could be vertically extended. Following this, and consultation with the client and Architect, design was then carried out utilising a hot rolled steel frame with lightweight infill panels and roof. Through the careful selection of materials the additional loading to the building was kept to a minimum. This resulted in time consuming and expensive strengthening works to both the superstructure and foundations being avoided.







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