Courtauld Road


Courtauld Road forms an existing warehouse which dates from the late 19th century. It is four storeys in height and was used for light industrial or manufacturing use until it became vacant about 10 years ago. Its structure comprises load bearing masonry walls with internal cast iron posts supporting beamed timber floors and a carpentered roof. The elevations incorporate large window openings which are formed using external brick arches and timber backing lintels.

Family Mosaic recently identified an opportunity to redevelop the building and convert it to residential use. Tully De’Ath were brought in to assess the viability of this proposal prior to a planning application being made.

As with all existing buildings where significant changes are proposed, it is important to gain a good understanding of how the existing building works – and its condition. This process helps identify the key engineering constraints that need to be considered and informs the engineering strategy of how the proposed conversion is to be carried out.

Our assessment followed these principles and involved site visits to view the structure and opening up works. This helped confirm details of how the structure worked and the sizes of the structural elements so that an assessment of the structural capacity of the building could be carried out. These visits also showed there were numerous issues affecting the condition of the structure.

The appraisal concluded that the building should respond well to the proposed conversion. Where alterations and repairs were required, they were designed to be compatible with the existing structure and to limit changes to existing load paths. This approach is consistent with good engineering and conservation practice and has been incorporated by Tully De’Ath in the construction details which have been developed and successfully installed on site.

By approaching the appraisal in a thorough way, Tully De’Ath were able to demonstrate significant parts of the existing fabric could be retained without significant repair or strengthening works. This sympathetic approach allowed the proposed redevelopment to be far more cost effective from an engineering point of view.






Courtauld Road Project Details

Family Mosaic

Stephen Davy Peter Smith Architects
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