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Heathside and Lethbridge

Pre-planning and civil and structural detailed engineering design

Tully De’Ath have; and continue to, provide pre-planning and detailed design services on this major regeneration scheme, consisting of six phases providing over 1200 mixed tenure residential units, 512m sq. of retail space, 768 m sq. of community floor space, along with cycle parks, associated highway infrastructure, public realm works and provision of accessible open space.

The site was formally a sand and chalk quarry with elevated boundary levels and a history of subsidence. Innovative proposals on-site levels and road layouts during master planning have accommodated stringent planning constraints, considerably elevating the sites. This created significant level differences along phasing boundaries where a variety of temporary and permanent retaining structures were developed.

Tully De’Ath have provided advice and details on all aspects of transportation, highways, site level, structural configuration, flood risk and drainage.

Due to the nature of the site, a selection of surveys has been initiated by Tully De’Ath including; transport, drainage/CCTV, geological and geo-environmental, slope stability and probing for voids, along with parking surveys and traffic counts.

Phases 1 to 3 have seen seven blocks up to 15 storeys constructed, with basements and semi-basements featuring throughout. Phase 4 has also been completed and comprises 2 blocks up to 15 storeys.

Phases 5 and 6 are currently under construction, which aims to deliver a further 450 homes. Tully De'Ath assisted Family Mosaic with the reserved Matter Planning Application and has completed much of the detailed design work.

Heathside and Lethbridge Project Details

Family Mosaic / Ardmore Construction

BPTW  (Phases 1-4)
PRC (Phases 5 & 6)

Contract Value
£120m (Phases 1-4)
£120m approx. (Phases 5 & 6)

Phases 1-4: Complete
Stage 5 & 6: Under Construction