Timber Yard Lane

Whilst the completed development of 34 houses and flats is in keeping with the local surroundings, the project was a masterpiece of team liaison and engineering in order to provide an affordable development for the end client, Guinness Trust, on a severely constrained site.

Tully De’Ath and Rydon Construction were awarded a Construction Best Practice Award in 2001 for excellence in teamworking and procurement for the site.

Tully De’Ath overcame the following constraints:

  •  Severely contaminated site and geotechnical constraints including poor ground.

  •  Located in major flood plain.

  •  Major sewer crossing the site requiring access at all times to ensure ease of maintenance. Its presence dictated special adaptations to the foundation design.

  •  Ancient watercourse crossing the site was redirected and new outfall constructed in the River Ouse with flap valve flood protection.

  •  Existing and new drainage system designed to accommodate tidal storage to 50 year return period and  the combination of high tides and rainfall.

  • CFA piling was utilized to minimize the risk of contamination of the chalk aquifer.

‘…awarded a Construction Best Practice Award in 2001 for excellence in team working and procurement.’

Timber Yard Lane Project Details

Guiness Trust / Rydon Construction


McKellar Schwert Architects

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