Silwood Estate

Social Housing, sustainable communities

This has been a 7 year major regeneration project in Bermondsey involving 3 storey housing and 5 storey flats up to a landmark 8 storey building. The scheme is designed to deliver a Sustainable community to tackle social, geographical and environmental problems facing this Inner City Brownfield site.

The project spanned 7 years and 4 phases with the development comprising of 775 units (including 119 refurbishments). Construction media has included hot-rolled steel, loadbearing brickwork, composite concrete floors and an RC flat slab frame.

‘..a multi-phased, Sustainable scheme, delivered on time and within budget.’

Integrated Transport Solutions included the design of a new and enhanced road network with traffic calming and parking provision, with Infrastructure featuring a new drainage system.Sustainable achievements include a Waste & Resource Action Programme and reuse and recycling of waste from the demolition process.

The Scheme has delivered a multi-phased, Sustainable scheme, delivered on time and within budget. The 5 year Partnering has resulted in an average Key Performance Indicator score of 9 across 9 disciplines.

Silwood Estate Project Details

London & Quadrant and Higgins Construction


Contract Value
£72m over 6 years and 4 phases