Rayners Lane

Pre-planning and civil and structural detailed engineering design.

Rayners Lane Phase 1 is a 29 unit residential scheme for Home Group Developments including mixed tenure and targeting code level 4. It forms the first of four proposed phases amounting to 230 units in total.

Tully De’Ath were involved in the overall scheme during pre-planning to assess and advise on the engineering implications. This involved collaborative working with the planning architect (Levitt Bernstein) and Home Group to understand their aspirations and goals from the development.

Tully De’Ath used its significant experience of similar developments to develop a structural engineering strategy ahead of planning. We worked closely with the architect to establish a solution that worked effectively both structurally and architecturally. Additionally Tully De’Ath needed to consider both the road and drainage designs carefully to ensure any design work factored into consideration the later Phases 2, 3 and 4.

Subsequent to this, Tully De’Ath have been involved with the engineering design for Phase 1 with Levitt Berstein architects and client, Galliford Try Partnerships. The houses and flats were constructed using traditional load bearing masonry with strip foundations and proprietary floor structures and roofs.

The drainage design has had to consider subsequent phases in its delivery and both the drainage and highways design has required discussions with the relevant authorities to achieve the necessary approvals.

Rayners Lane Project Details

Galliford Try Partnership Ltd, Home Group

Levitt Bernstein

Contract Value
£3.5m (Phase 1)

Phase 1 design completed and on site.