Pepys Estate

Proven sustainable housing

This is the development of an historic and listed site of medium and high rise blocks of flats into 5, 6 and 7 storey flats. A PPC 2000 Contract, the project has been phased over 4 years and 3 stages and involves 290 units of social housing and shared ownership.

The scheme is a proven example of Sustainable housing and presents real evidence of excellent Partnering and delivery of a complex, multi-phased project involving resident decanting. It has also delivered demonstrable time, budget and operational efficiencies and scheme learnings.

‘The scheme won the Brick Awards Best Public Housing Development 2005.’

1st Phase

Four blocks of five storey timber frame construction utilising a lighter superstructure that allowed a thin piled raft to be used over the existing foundations. This removed the need for excavation of existing foundations realising substantial time and cost savings. At the time this was the first 5 storey timber frame flatted accommodation.

2nd Phase

A river frontage feature building comprising a six storey concrete framed structure including a two storey under croft.

Six and seven storey timber framed blocks based on an extension of the phase 1 design. This is the 2nd and arguably largest offsite timber frame construction in the UK delivered through Modern Methods of Construction.

Pepys Estate Project Details

Hyde HA and Rydon Construction


Contract Value
£40m over 4 years and 3 phases