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Passmore Edwards Cottage Hospital

Care home development under a PPC2000 Partnership agreement

A care home development under a PPC2000 Partnership agreement, providing 124 beds in a new build structure.

The original Passmore Edwards Cottage Hospital was retained as part of the new scheme. All other areas of the existing hospital were demolished. The new development provides general care and psycho-geriatric care facilities.

The scheme has provided training for local job seekers in catering services and care work and has become a major employer in the area ensuring long term community involvement.

'A care home development under a PPC2000 Partnership agreement, providing 124 beds in a new build structure.'

Architectural design, as for most Healthcare developments, included consideration of room sizes, corridor widths and general layout constraints which often required structural design input.

Other early considerations for the scheme included the definition of operational policies regarding provision of food and waste disposal and lift sizes as these could also affect the design.

Life cycle costs on such schemes can require greater analysis than would be the norm for housing projects:

  • Heating methods and associated running costs – Hospitals/ Care Homes tend to run at higher temperatures than standard housing units.
  • Material life span – Provision of a 50 year life span on basic building materials i.e. steel sheet roofs cannot achieve this.

In addition, other general factors that needed to be considered before design stage included:

  • Service distribution – this can be greater than normal resulting in an increased need for service voids, storey heights etc.
  • Access requirements – level thresholds, disabled facilities etc.

Passmore Edwards Cottage Hopital Project Details

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