Crawley Police Station

New police headquarters including tunnel access to magistrates court

The Crawley Police Station is a five storey office styled concrete framed building with basement car park and services facility area. Incorporating considerable provision for services and for security measures, the design includes a pedestrian tunnel under a busy adopted highway directly linking the Police Station with the Magistrates Court opposite.

'..slender columns 'hidden' within the inner skin of block wall cladding.'

The client required clear internal spaces to allow for future flexibility in office layouts which was provided through the design of 7 to 8 metre clear spans in flat slab construction and slender columns 'hidden' within the inner skin of block wall cladding.

  • Flat soffits enabled energy efficient heating systems combining reflective heat techniques to be utilised.
  • Two level ground and basement car parking provided with spiral access ramp.
  • Design of full water retaining structures in basement due to high groundwater levels.
  • Full liaison with Building Services designers regarding normal and unusual service facility requirements.
  • Steel framed and tiled roof to include provision for state-of-the-art communications equipment above lift shaft area.

Crawley Police Station Project Details

Sussex Police Authority

East Sussex County Council

Contract Value