Sunesis Schools

Four new modular Sunesis Schools for Southampton and the Isle of Wight

Tully De'Ath are working with Willmott Dixon and Hunter and Partners Architects on four schools based on the Sunesis 'Dewey' model. The Sunesis Dewey Model has been developed to provide an efficient footprint ideally suited to restricted sites.

The footprint is built from a number of standard components that can be put together in a variety of configurations to fit almost any site. Each component has been robustly designed to ensure comfortable internal environments are delivered no matter the existing restrictions.

As well as working on the foundations and oversite for the schools Tully De'Ath are also involved in the development of the prototype 'Dewey' school design.

Three of the four schools are located in Southampton; Bannister Infant and Nursery School, Wordsworth Infant School and Moorlands Primary School. The fourth school is The Bay Church of England Primary School in Sandown on the Isle of Wight. Tully De'Ath provided Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs) for each of these sites.

Two further projects are for London Borough of Croydon.

The Sunesis Modular schools offer potential benefits, including:

lrgarrow Lower costs with typical schools costing 10% less than more traditional procurement.

lrgarrow Greater cost certainty due to tried and tested design and construction.

lrgarrow Time savings through the advance of OJEU procurement and a far reduced design phase.

lrgarrow Improved quality results from tried and tested construction details and techniques.

Sunesis Schools Project Details

Willmott Dixon

Hunter and Partnerships

Contract Value

4 schools completed & in use
2 under construction