Exhibition Road

London's biggest public space project since the redevelopment of Trafalgar Square

Tully De'Ath worked with the Highways Team at Project Centre Ltd to develop the preliminary concepts for the structural form of the proposed paving. Then, following the letting of a D&B Contract, reviewed and signed off structural designs during the design phase of London's biggest public space project since the redevelopment of Trafalgar square in 2003 – Exhibition Road.

The project involved the redevelopment of the famous half mile stretch of roadway that forms the spine of London's Museum District. Pavements and kerbs have been removed to form one of the largest 'shared surface' public spaces ever created. What sets this project apart from the 2003 redevelopment of Trafalgar Square is that on Exhibition Road, cars and pedestrians share the same carriageway.

The area around Exhibition Road is visited by 11 million people a year, attracted by the Victoria & Albert, Natural History and Science Museums, Imperial College and the Royal Albert Hall. The area had become defined by narrow pavements, poor parking and an avalanche of street clutter from bollards to barriers and traffic signage.

The architect Dixon Jones's winning design for Exhibition Road was chosen following an international competition held by the local authority, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The design features a paved carriageway with a bold crisscross pattern that extends for the full length and width of the street, building to building.

With the new road designed to last for the next 50 years its on-going integrity had to be carefully designed. Considerations such as repetitive thermal movement due to temperature variations, and early age thermal contraction of the continually reinforced concrete base, had to be taken into account with such a large area of paving.

Tully De'Ath worked to develop a full package of tender information for the project including the mast foundations for the 28 slender, tapering, twenty metre steel lighting masts that define the centre of the carriageway north from Cromwell Road.

Exhibition Road Project Details

Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea / Project Centre Ltd

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