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Refurbishment & Heritage

Wide-ranging experience, knowledge and skills linked with sympathetic design solutions

The refurbishment of existing buildings forms an important area of sustainable development. Many are of particular architectural or historic interest and their upgrading and reuse can be of real benefit to the built environment and society as a whole.

A broad range of experience in dealing with existing structures – including listed buildings

The practice has widespread knowledge of historic building techniques and the challenges that different building types can pose. We have engineers with the skills, qualifications and expertise to advise how buildings can be sensibly adapted for future use and have significant experience of dealing with listed buildings and scheduled ancient monuments.

Our services include feasibility studies on the reuse of existing buildings, structural engineering appraisals, condition surveys and the design of alterations, extensions and repairs to extend the useful life of buildings. Where listed structures are concerned, we are able to develop conservation-led engineering solutions that respect the historic fabric.

Projects of all shapes and sizes

As well as the larger schemes, the practice is involved in numerous small-scale projects with architectural practices for a number of private clients. Most refurbishment projects involve a mixture of alteration and new build elements which require elegant solutions whilst being economic and robust. Ultimately it is about providing the appropriate service whilst giving buildings a new lease of life for a sustainable future.

Structural Engineering Services

  • Feasibility studies on the reuse of existing buildings
  • Structural engineering appraisals
  • Condition surveys
  • Design of alterations, extensions and repairs
  • Listed buildings
  • Conservation led engineering solutions