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Eco Friendly & Responsible

Balancing sustainability with functionality and performance

Tully De'Ath recognises the importance of delivering Eco friendly design solutions in order to protect the environment and ensure scheme sustainability. Our forward thinking and 'environmentally responsible' designs include facade engineering. low energy heating and natural ventilation considerations and other practical solutions such as Water Recycling and Rain Water Harvesting that balance sustainability with functionality and performance.

More sustainable designs

Tully De'Ath work to design the most efficient solutions feasible. Also, as a Practice, we continue to monitor our own carbon footprint in the development of all projects. Recently we have been involved in the Enviro21 Innovation Parks which incorporate a 21 Megawatt wind turbine on site.

In our Structure designs we always look to:

arrowIntegrate low carbon and sustainable structures within the project footprint and within budget

arrowRecycle aggregates for concrete, replacing wherever possible cement with other more carbon friendly solutions

arrowMaximise use of sustainable building materials and adopt a whole life costs approach as opposed to short term solutions

arrowChampion off site manufacturing and other modern, more sustainable, construction methods

For our infrastructure designs we seek to:

arrowDeliver the full spectrum of environmentally friendly Sustainable Drainage System (SUDS) designs

arrowleverage the potential benefits of Green Roofs, Rain water harvesting, Grey Water recycling, Swales etc.

arrowUse ponds, drainage basins, soakaways etc. as opposed to routing through drains to control the movement of water and prevent flooding

arrowAre very aware of 'moving requirements' of BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes requirements (SUR1, SUR2)

A greener business - cutting our carbon emissions

Tully De'Ath is acutely aware of its environmental obligations and strives to produce designs that meet and exceed Eco rating requirements. We are also always looking for ways to reduce our companies carbon footprint internally.

We have invested heavily in our IT infrastructure, reducing power consumption by 90% using Virtualization technologies to reduce the number of servers required and using forced ambient air cooling to replace air conditioning.

We use print control software to limit both paper usage and print costs in our offices.

We promote car sharing and alternative methods of transport for staff both to and from work and when travelling for business.

In our Structure designs we always look to:

  • Sustainable Engineering Designs
  • Flood Risk Assessments
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage Design
  • Leverage Green Roofs, Rain Water Harvesting, CfSH, BREEAM
  • Travel Plans
  • Contamination and Remediation